Does Lowes Repair Kitchen Cabinets?

Lowes carries a large selection of kitchen cabinets, including replacement doors and upgraded hardware. They also have a color gallery and cabinet samples to help you choose the best one for your home. And, of course, you can purchase unfinished cabinets if you wish. These cabinets are usually more affordable than buying new cabinets.
Do they repair kitchen cabinets?

If you are looking for a reliable source for kitchen cabinet repairs, then Lowe’s is the place to go. Not only do they offer kitchen cabinet repair services, but they also offer replacement cabinet doors and upgraded cabinet hardware. In addition, Lowe’s also offers a color gallery and cabinet samples to help you choose the perfect kitchen cabinets for your needs.

When you choose to purchase your kitchen cabinets from Lowe’s, it is important to know what the cost will be. Prices vary by location and may be higher than the prices listed online. The best way to estimate the cost is to visit a store in person. Ask about labor charges.
How to get them repaired?

If your cabinet doors no longer close properly, you can get them repaired by replacing the screws. You can purchase a magnetic catch at home centers and simply screw it to the door plate, stile, or rail. The catch will then pull the cabinet door closed. If the screws are stripped, a toothpick will work to repair the door.

Another easy repair is to replace the hardware. Sometimes, you can fix the sticking drawer by turning the depth screw. Some hinges adjust by simply turning the screw, while others require you to tap the door in or out to make it tighter. Traditional hinges will need more effort to adjust and may result in a sagging door. You can also get replacement hinges if the current ones are bent.
Cost of repairs?

Kitchen cabinet repairs can be expensive. Whether you need to replace a loose hinge or repaint your cabinets, the cost of these projects varies widely. Some minor fixes cost under $100, while others require more elaborate restorations. Fortunately, you can find repair experts who can do it all for a reasonable price.

In addition to material costs, the cost of cabinet repairs may include the time required for mobilization and setup. Some contractors charge by the hour. You should also consider the cost of hiring a master craftsman or using premium materials. This cost will be higher than the cost of hiring a novice. Before hiring a contractor, get recommendations from friends and neighbors.

Kitchen cabinet hardware plays an important role in the smooth functioning of cabinets. This includes hinges, handles, and knobs. Improperly fixed hinges will cause doors to open or close unevenly. In modern kitchens, self-closing hinges are commonly used. Traditional hinges, on the other hand, use roller or magnetic catches.

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