Dog Breeds for Personal Pets

The dog, like man, is a carnivorous predator of the order Carnivora. It is perhaps the most common terrestrial carnivores, typified by its long arms equipped with grasping claws, which allow it to seize small prey. The domestic dog is actually a domesticated ancestor of the wolf, and is still the most common terrestrial carnivores in the world. Wolves, coyotes, foxes, hawks and other big dogs have been domesticated. The modern dog evolved from a more advanced ancestor of theirs that lived in the Old World.

Described as an “organized carnivore”, the domestic dog can be broadly classified into three subtypes: the lyophilous, scavenger and omnivore. Lyophilous (or flesh-eating) dogs have dense fur; the other two subtypes are represented by medium or high density fur, with smooth or eggshell exoskeletons. Scavengers, on the other hand, are omnivores; they eat both plant and animal matter along with other types of biomass. The domestic dog has also evolved into a part of human society.

In recent years, the domestic dog has become much more diverse, being used for a variety of purposes. Some people have bred dogs strictly for the sport of dog agility, using the dogs as leaping machines, while other breeds have been used as service or companion animals. Some dogs have even been trained for use as assistance animals, including those for the blind, deaf and visually impaired. Domestic dogs are also used for protection purposes. A dog is an excellent guide to the safety of humans and other animals. The United States Coast Guard trains dogs for such a purpose, as do many law enforcement agencies throughout the country.

In England, the sport of cockfighting was once outlawed, but the domestic dog, which was designated the winner, was often kept as a trophy. Today, many cockfighting events are organized as competition for dogs, with the winner gaining possession of the ‘cocker’ itself. Cocker Spaniels rank among the most popular breeds in the show ring, although the British Masters were known to own a number of beautiful specimens.

The dog breeds that live in the United States are the result of many years of breeding, with each breed seeming to have inherited traits from the ancestors of its ancestors. Although dogs live, in large part, according to their breed, they are inclined to develop certain personality traits that are shared by many breeds. For instance, many Boston Terriers is outgoing and friendly, although they may be a bit wary of strangers. Many Chihuahuas are highly intelligent and very perceptive. Some Labrador dogs are boisterous and energetic, while Poodles generally seem to prefer a quieter existence.

Other dog breeds, such as the poodle and the dachshund, have been developed for various reasons, such as hunting or herding. Many people enjoy having a dog that acts as a family pet, as well as being a companion dog or service dog. Some dogs have been bred to be specific jobs, such as police dogs, military dogs, or service dogs for the disabled. Some dogs have been bred to work as watchdogs, because their constant movements keep intruders away.

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