How Much Should I Budget For Kitchen Cabinets?

When buying new cabinets for your kitchen, consider the labor costs. The average cost is about $80 to $190 per cabinet, including prep work and cleanup. This cost is consistent no matter what type of cabinet you choose. If you’d prefer to save money, you can hire a handyman to do the work, but be prepared for redoing some parts of the job.
Stock cabinets

There are many things to consider when choosing cabinets for your kitchen. The price isn’t the only factor – they also need to suit your tastes, be functional, and last for many years. You can buy cheaper stock cabinetry or more expensive ones, depending on the quality you want and your budget.

Stock cabinets are the most affordable option if you don’t mind limited design and layout. They are typically available in home improvement stores, and cost approximately $100 to $300 per linear foot. However, you must have the kitchen measured by a cabinet professional to ensure that the cabinets fit. If you have an irregular-shaped kitchen or have very specific requirements, you may want to consider custom kitchen cabinets.
Semi-custom cabinets

Before deciding to purchase semi-custom or custom cabinets for your kitchen, it is important to first decide how much you are willing to spend. Stock cabinets can be a good option for low-cost options, but the quality is low and the design options are limited. In addition, they tend to have poor fittings and measurements, and they are not a good long-term investment. Semi-custom cabinets, on the other hand, offer more flexibility in design and storage.

Semi-custom and custom cabinets come in a variety of prices, so it is a good idea to do a little comparison shopping before making a final decision. You may even want to visit a showroom before making a final decision, which will allow you to see the various designs and styles. Some popular brands include Shiloh Cabinetry and KraftMaid, which have a reputation for providing high quality and stylish designs. Prices can vary wildly, though, depending on what type of wood you’re going for. The cheaper cabinets are typically made of medium density fiberboard (MDF) or surface veneer (PVC). Meanwhile, the more expensive products are constructed of solid wood.
Open-shelving cabinets

Open shelves can make a kitchen look spacious, but they can also create a cluttered look. A good way to avoid this is to use smaller shelves. You can also use wraparound shelves to fill corner spaces. In addition, you can opt for floating shelves, which are also a good option for smaller spaces.

Open shelves are extremely versatile and cost relatively little to install. The material costs of shelves and units can range anywhere from $60 to $500. This type of shelving can help you showcase decorative items, while opening up the space in your kitchen.
Framed cabinets

Framed kitchen cabinets come in a range of prices. The price of them depends on the materials used and their style. You can choose from a range of finishes, from simple to highly decorative. There are different types of frames, and you can choose between solid wood, metal, or glass.

The most affordable type is the stock type, which cost around $100 per linear foot. But if you want something more unique and customized, you should choose a custom type. This style will be more expensive than the stock type, but it will give you a more unique and long-lasting design.

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