Is it Worth It to Have Your Kitchen Cabinets Painted?

Choosing the right color for your cabinets can be a challenge, and hiring a professional painter to help you can make the process easier. They have the necessary experience, understand which colors will work in different rooms, and stay updated on the latest trends in interior design. They can also answer any questions you have about the process.
Cost per drawer

The cost of painting kitchen cabinets varies, depending on the size and material. Large kitchens usually have a higher overall cost than smaller ones. A painter often offers a volume discount for larger jobs. The average cost of painting a medium kitchen is around $697. This includes supplies, which can run anywhere from $200 to 600. The cost of supplies is one of the main reasons people opt for professional painting services.

Oil-based paints are expensive, ranging from $20 to $60 per gallon. These paints are long-lasting and durable, but the downside is that they tend to have higher VOC content and leave a strong smell. Also, they require more coats to reach the desired look.
Cost per cabinet door

The cost per cabinet door for kitchen cabinet painting varies widely. Some companies specialize in artistic refinishing and can charge double or triple the original cost of the cabinets. The more decorative your kitchen cabinetry, the higher the cost. However, it is possible to get the same look for half the price by using DIY painting techniques.

Professional painting companies usually charge between $100 and $165 per cabinet door, which is roughly three to five dollars per square foot. This price includes materials and professional labor. If you’re planning on painting the entire kitchen, it is possible to expect to pay approximately $3000 to $10000. The cost per door, drawer or cabinet face can be higher, depending on the size of your cabinets and the layout.

Paint quality is another important consideration. High-quality glossy paints are more expensive than eggshell or satin finishes. The quality of primer will also affect the cost. Using flat panel cabinet doors makes painting faster. However, if you’d like a different colour, you’ll need a paintbrush to get into the grooves, and a roller or sprayer to get an even surface.
Painting costs less than installing new cabinets

There are several reasons to paint kitchen cabinets, including the fact that doing so will add value to your home. Choosing a neutral color scheme is a good way to sell your home for more money, and you can also follow the latest trends by selecting a color that is in fashion today. White, eggshell, and grey are popular color choices for kitchen cabinets. Other popular colors include yellow, orange, and natural wood tones.

The cost of painting kitchen cabinets will depend on a number of factors, including the amount of paint and the type of finish. Before painting, you should measure the surface area of each cabinet and determine how much paint is needed to cover the entire area. You may need to buy paint rollers and brushes that cost between $10 and $20. You can also rent a sprayer for a day for about $100. It is also a good idea to repair any damage to the cabinets before painting.

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