What Are Lowe’s Stock Cabinets Made Of?

Lowe’s has a large inventory of cabinets, but their staff is not trained in interior design. If you’re unsure what type of cabinets to buy, a professional designer can help you make the right choice. Stock cabinets at Lowe’s typically range from low-grade to mid-grade.

If you’re looking for kitchen cabinets, there are two major chains in the U.S.: Home Depot and Lowe’s. Although they’re both owned by different companies, both stores sell kitchen cabinets of similar quality. For example, both offer full-wood, 1/2-inch-plywood cabinets as well as fiberboard box cabinets that look similar to those found at IKEA.

Most stock cabinets from Home Depot and Lowe’s are made from vinyl. Even the side panels of refrigerators are covered with vinyl. While the material may look like real wood, it’s not as durable as custom-fabricated cupboards. You can upgrade the quality of vinyl cabinets by adding plywood or door panels.
Particle board

Particle board, also called engineered wood or medium density fiberboard, is made by pressing wood particles together at a high temperature with glue. Its main drawback is that it does not expand or contract with temperature changes, and it is more susceptible to damage from moisture and collision. It is also heavy, and has less strength per square foot than plywood. That is why particle board cabinets are commonly prone to sagging shelves.

Lowe’s stock cabinets are made from particle board. This material is unstable when wet, and it cannot be planed or sanded down. However, it is a better choice if you’re considering a DIY project. Most ready-to-assemble companies use particle board for their cabinet boxes.

Many ready-to-assemble companies use plywood to make their cabinet boxes. This gives their cabinets thicker sides and shelves than other cabinet materials. IKEA, for example, uses MDF for its cabinet boxes, and Home Depot uses particle board. Most other retailers, including Lowe’s, use MDF.

While Lowe’s stock cabinets are made of high-grade plywood, the material is not suited for custom work. It can become warped or unusable when wet, and it cannot be planed or sanded. It is also not appearance grade. The boxes of stock cabinets made from plywood are lighter than those made from particle board, so they are easier to install.

If you are on a budget, consider Lowe’s stock cabinets. These are made of plywood and cost less than other brands. The low price tag makes them an excellent option for first-time buyers. These cabinets can be purchased fully assembled, or you can buy them RTA. Both options cost around $99 per unit.

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