What Style of Kitchen Cabinets is Most Popular?

There are several different styles of kitchen cabinets available. These include Raised-panel cabinets, Craftsman-style cabinetry, and European-style cabinetry. You can read about the benefits of each one before choosing a style for your kitchen. Regardless of the style you choose, there are a few key differences between the styles.
Raised-panel cabinets

Raised-panel cabinets are a great option for any homeowner looking to upgrade their kitchen without breaking the bank. They are easy to install, come in a variety of styles, and are a good value for your money. You can find many different wood species to choose from, and the cabinets themselves are made from the highest quality solid wood. You can even choose different finishing materials to give them a unique look.

Raised-panel cabinets are a traditional style that works well in both traditional and contemporary kitchens. These cabinets have a raised center panel and an outer rim that has a decorative overlay or groove. Raised-panel cabinets come in a wide variety of styles, and you can find ones that match the rest of the decor in your home.
Craftsman-style cabinetry

Craftsman-style cabinetry offers classic, simple, and elegant style. This style is often paired with hardwood flooring. A dark countertop and backsplash enhance the look. Often, craftsman-style cabinetry incorporates a breakfast nook to serve as a comfortable seating area for casual dining and entertaining.

Craftsman-style cabinetry is typically made from medium-color wood such as quarter-sawn oak. Craftsman-style cabinetry has flat or raised panel doors and often features three vertical stiles on each door. In addition, craftsman-style cabinets often have flat or arched tops and back walls. Some craftsman-style cabinets also incorporate detailed wood hoods for an authentic handcrafted focal point.
European style cabinetry

European style kitchen cabinets are characterized by sleek, modern designs. These cabinets feature advanced mechanisms and hardware, such as self-closing cabinet doors and drawer slides. These mechanisms feature slow motion, minimizing noise and damaging motion. They are crafted with stainless steel or chrome, or brushed satin finishes.

European style kitchen cabinets are constructed with a frameless design, which means there is no visible frame on the front of the cabinet box. As such, their design is much more contemporary than Shaker-style cabinets. Moreover, because they are frameless, they can fit in any type of interior design. In addition, European-style kitchen cabinets are incredibly affordable, allowing homeowners to create beautiful kitchens while still maximizing space.
Flat panel cabinetry

Flat panel kitchen cabinets look great with a simple, streamlined design and tend to be easier to clean. They also tend to be less expensive than raised panel options. However, some people complain that finger prints tend to show more on flat panels. While this style of cabinetry can look great with a variety of materials, it is best to go with a solid color if you want a more uniform look.

This style of cabinetry can be made of MDF or plywood with a high gloss finish. It complements both modern and traditional kitchen designs. Slab cabinets, such as those made by Hampton Bay, are available at home improvement stores such as The Home Depot. They are coated in a water-resistant laminate finish that resembles a semi-gloss white.

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